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[dunkelbunt] selects: Exodus Trap – Future World Bass Music

[dunkelbunt] selects: Exodus Trap – Future World Bass Music (Electronic 808, Africa Asia Oriental Balkan Arabia India China)

Coming up in Beauty! – With Tracks by TroyBoi, APE + LOCO-HOT, Axel Thesleff, IHF, Ganja White Night, [dunkelbunt], Lofimaker, CloZee, BOOT & TZR, Jason You & Yider ] Jai Tee, Fakear & Pouvoir Magique, Acid Arab & A-WA, Eastern Odyssey, Innovative Gnawa & AkizzBeatzz, Ammar 808 & Mehdi Nassouli, Plantrae & Mumukshu, David Starfire, Sukh Knight, Desert Dwellers & Mindex, Ladrão, Żwirek, LM3ALLEM, and many more.


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[dunkelbunt] @ Balkan vs Cumbia Party, Madrid: Feb. 23, 2019

Looking forward to my DJ-set @ the Sala Caracol / Madrid, starring Guacamayo Tropical, Dj Grounchoo * Balkan party !*, DJ Gypsy Box….

>>> fb-Event


(Thanx to Tierra Candela , Conspiraciones Tropicales and to the Usual Suspects). –

Meet U there!


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New Release: Kebab Connection (Trans Danube Mix)

Track | Title: Kebab Connection (Trans Danube mix)
Artist: [dunkelbunt] aka Ulf Lindemann
Featuring: Hidan Mamoudov, Cloud Tissa, Shazalakazoo,
Forty Thieves, Savages Y Suefo
Rel. Date: 2019-01-18
TT: 07:22‘
Label: [dunkelbunt] records
Release Form / Format: Digital Release

Genre: #Electronica #Tribal #World #Ragga #Klezmer #Balkan #Transglobal #Dance
Tags: #dub #dancehall #suaheli #remix #vienna #budapest #belgrade #hamburg #istanbul

★★ ★

[dunkelbunt] s “Kebab Connection (trans danube mix)” creates with effervescent energy a danceable extravaganza that transcends the boundaries between nations, languages, cultures and genres. Klezmer, Dub, Reggae, Ragga and rhythmic Breakz fuse into a genuinely transglobal sound.

New to this edition of almost seven and a half minutes is it’s blending of previous edits by Shazalakazoo (Serbia), Savages y Suefo (Hungary) and Forty Thieves (GB). „Kebab Connection (Trans Danube Mix)“ can be considered as meta-mix, paying tribute too the outstanding Macedonian clarinettist Hidan Mamoudov with an instrumental intro of two minutes before the Raggamuffin virtuoso Cloud Tissa carries on in English and Swahili.

“Kebab Connection (trans danube mix)” is organic music geography with intelligence, respect, humor and sensitivity, suitable for dancefloor and radio, refreshing in every context.

★ ★ ★



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New Mix ★ [dunkelbunt] – Electro Swing vs. Balkan Beats ★

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Balkan Gypsy Party! (16.02.2018, fluc, Vienna)

It’s unza unza time…

Fr. 16.02.2018gypsy
@ fluc 
Doors: 9pm / € 7

> Sid Data
> [dunkelbunt]
> Habibi Bloxberg
> Schicke Dicke Beats

…sounds like: 
Balkan Beats – Ost Klub – Gypsy Swing – Russendisko – Bucovina


Radeln hält die Wadln stramm. Im Sommer 2004 setzt sich der DJ und Produzent Ulf Lindemann a.k.a. [dunkelbunt] auf sein Fahrrad und fährt von Wien nach Istanbul. Für einen alten Pfadfinder kein Problem. Eine Landkarte braucht man keine. Auf die Donausinsel schafft es jeder und bis zum Schwarzen Meer folgt man einfach dem großen Strom.Der Grund für diese Reise war seine, in Wien entflammte, Liebe zur Musik der Balkanländer.

Heute gilt [dunkelbunt] als einer der vielleicht wichtgisten Global Beat Troubadoure des neuen Millenium. Spielt Gigs in den Townships von Johannesburg bis zu den High Society Clubs in Hollywood. War jahrelang Resident DJ im legendären Wiener „Ost Klub“ sowie dem New Yorker Pendant „Mehanata“ in Downtown Manhattan. Über Jahre tourt er um die Welt, spielt in allen großen Metropolen und verbreitet unermüdlich seinen Sound. Zwischenzeitlich lebt er auf Hawaii, in Andalusien und Istanbul, schafft ein weltweites Netzwerks aus gleichgesinnten Musikern und DJ’s und gründet 2010 sein eigenes Label. Auf sein Konto gehen der frühe Electro Swing, Balkan Beat und Global Bass. Seine Band wuchtet derzeit fünfzehn verschiedene Sprachen auf die Bühne.


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New Album: “Ich grill mit Dir die Abendsonne”, ft. Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar, Savages y Suefo, Barefoot Basement, Anduze, Alix



“My passion is creating beats. Not necessarily in the studio but in more magical places, a log cabin hidden between snow capped mountain tops, with a warm cockle stove and a picture postcard view of the magical winter wonderland lying outside. In an aeroplane flying 12,000 meters over the Mediterranean sea towards Tel Aviv, on a farm in the evening after the olive harvest or somewhere in Andalusia in the valleys of almond blossoms.
The finishing touches and subtle flavors are then added in my studio in Vienna with my spice laden effectsboard and sub end. My studio is also the space where I create my blend of „mixed spices“. There are always lots of various herbs and spices to be found, from aniseed to z’atar which gives this space an intoxicating fragrance and allure. Normally I work parallel with three „non materials“, sound, smell and taste. Constantly moving back and forth, between a mortar & pestle, synthesizers, a wooden spoon and the mixing desk, alternating between blocking my ears, closing my mouth and blocking my nose in an attempt to find the fragrance emanating from the pictures of my fantasy, to paint with sounds and music, and taste and smell the melodies.
Everything breaks down into frequencies and aligns itself towards the golden rule. I know it sounds crazy but it’s just a part of my day to day: alchemy in the [dunkelbunt] Studio. Often my daughters enter my „soundkitchen“ and remix the settings on my analogue synth, record over sounds and announce that my wobble bass purrs like a kitten….what more could I ask for?”

The title track „Ich grill mir Dir die Abendsonne“ (With you I’ll grill the evening sun) is a homage to the Mediterranean, We sail into the setting sun onboard a spice freighter filled with beats and bass, a greek bouzouki, accordion and balkan violin, flamenco guitars, Arabic saz and a Turkish Oud…

During the making of this EP numerous attractive collaborations emerged, the title „Augen zu und durch“ is the starting point for the new [dunkelbunt] album „Boomerang“, where I will be recording with the Berlin rapper and singer „Alexander Leuschner“ aka Alix and instrumentally supported by the viennese band „Barefoot Basement“. One week before the end of recording for this EP I was contacted by the soul ‘n’ funk singer Lee Anduze from Los Angeles (who has worked with Parov Stelar among others). Based on „Augen zu und durch“, Anduze wrote the lyrics for „Smoking Gun“ and hunted me down from across the pond so that we could work on some new beats at his place in L.A. during my US tour in September.

On top of that we have two remixes on board, Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestra’s „Šljivovica“ and Savages Y Suefo’s “Ballroom Breakers” both dressed in [dunkelbunt]-Wobblebass-Balkan-Swing-Costume.

Turn up the volume and watch those speakers rattle!


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