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New Release: Kebab Connection (Trans Danube Mix)

Track | Title: Kebab Connection (Trans Danube mix)
Artist: [dunkelbunt] aka Ulf Lindemann
Featuring: Hidan Mamoudov, Cloud Tissa, Shazalakazoo,
Forty Thieves, Savages Y Suefo
Rel. Date: 2019-01-18
TT: 07:22‘
Label: [dunkelbunt] records
Release Form / Format: Digital Release

Genre: #Electronica #Tribal #World #Ragga #Klezmer #Balkan #Transglobal #Dance
Tags: #dub #dancehall #suaheli #remix #vienna #budapest #belgrade #hamburg #istanbul

★★ ★

[dunkelbunt] s “Kebab Connection (trans danube mix)” creates with effervescent energy a danceable extravaganza that transcends the boundaries between nations, languages, cultures and genres. Klezmer, Dub, Reggae, Ragga and rhythmic Breakz fuse into a genuinely transglobal sound.

New to this edition of almost seven and a half minutes is it’s blending of previous edits by Shazalakazoo (Serbia), Savages y Suefo (Hungary) and Forty Thieves (GB). „Kebab Connection (Trans Danube Mix)“ can be considered as meta-mix, paying tribute too the outstanding Macedonian clarinettist Hidan Mamoudov with an instrumental intro of two minutes before the Raggamuffin virtuoso Cloud Tissa carries on in English and Swahili.

“Kebab Connection (trans danube mix)” is organic music geography with intelligence, respect, humor and sensitivity, suitable for dancefloor and radio, refreshing in every context.

★ ★ ★



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