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THE VIENNA TAPES, Mix Edition @ FM4 La Boum de Luxe, 2020-01-25

THE VIENNA TAPES, Mix Edition @ FM4 La Boum de Luxe, 2020-01-25


By Radio FM4’s invitation, [dunkelbunt] presents his new release – THE VIENNA TAPES – as a continuous mix in the Show “La Boum de Luxe” on Friday, January 24, 2020.

Show Link and Playlist 

Player (Show available until February 1, 2020)




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[dunkelbunt] broadcasting @ FM4 La Boum de Luxe: Sept. 20, 2019

La Boum de Luxe, Playlist 20.09.2019

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[dunkelbunt] selects: Bass of Asia

Hol Dir das Glutamat für Deine BoomBox:
Der Frühling kann kommen!

#Chinese #Oriental #Electronic #Trap #D&B #Beats #Erhu #Pipa #Chill #Guzheng


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[dunkelbunt] selects: A Transglobal Dish

A Spicy Transglobal DJ Selection. This playlist contains many tunes I spun during the last decade during my shows around the globe… Invite your friends or colleges hit the shuffle knob and call it a day! This list is updated constantly with new pearls!

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Velavan @ Bayern 2-Weltmusik

??VELAVAN @ the Bayern 2-Weltmusik-Playlist @ spotify! – Thanx to Jay Rutledge and Bayern 2 for your support! ??


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New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.

([dunkelbunt], Chicos y Mendez, Flavia Coelho, Jesse James, Innov Gnawa, AkizzBeatzz, IHF, CloZee, Al’Tarba, Senbei, Sarkodie, Akan)



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Velavan | In the Mix | Beats on Demand © Poldoore @ spotify

Thanx to Belgium-based producer and DJ Poldoore!


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Velavan | In the Mix | Eclectic Sound Stimulation © Frau Doktor Sarah @ Ah!WorldMusic!

“Velavan” @ TT 16:23 in the Eclectic Sound Stimulation-Show #42 by Austrian DJ Frau Doktor Sarah @ Ah!WorldMusic, a non-commercial hi-fi radio station, founded by Alexis Herrería Valero (Mexico):

“Es ist eine Verführung in eine prächtige, atmosphärische und geheimnisvolle Klangwelt. Verspielte Soundelemente umhüllt von dem Duft des Jasmins, machen “Velavan” zu einem bezaubernden Erlebnis.” – Frau Doktor Sarah, Ah!WorldMusic



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New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.

>>> dunkelbunt, Fakear, Defunk, The String Cheese Incident, Cid Rim, Lylit, Sarkodie, Akan, Caravan Palace, Mothra <<<


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Kebab Connection (Trans Danube Mix) | In the Mix | Gid Groovalistic

<> Kebab Connection (Trans Danube Mix)<>< @ GlobalBassCumbiaLatinAffroBalkanSwingHouse-Mix (#6), (TT 1:06:50) –
Thanx, Gid Groovalistic, for the support!



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dunkelbunt, dunkelbunt selects, weekly mix, spotify

New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.

([dunkelbunt], Castaways, Whysp, Player Dave, Sinjin Hawke, Dayzero, Teebee, Ed Rush, Mindscape)



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[dunkelbunt selects] ★ Weekly Mix, 09.01.19

Oum, Riff Cohen, Altin Gün, Hasan Yilmaz, Reda Taliani, Boohmi Trivedi, Balquees, Nickodemus, Carol C., The Spy from Cairo, dunkelbunt, mix, weekly, selects, spotify

New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.

(Oum, Riff Cohen, Altin Gün, Hasan Yilmaz, Reda Taliani, Boohmi Trivedi, Balquees, Nickodemus, Carol C., The Spy from Cairo, dunkelbunt)

Hope you like it!



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dunkelbunt, mix, best of, spotify, transglobal, new vernacular

  New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.
At the turn of the year I present some tracks of my own.

Hope you like it!



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Thanx to all for this amazing year! (spotify stats)

dunkelbunt, spotify, stats, 2018, Ulf Lindemann

Übrigens: Mittwochs gibt es jeweils meine wöchentlich Top 10-Playlist:

[dunkelbunt] Selects!




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★ [dunkelbunt] selects | Oriental Bass & Gypsy Trap 2018 ★


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★ SUMMER BASS SELECTION by Captain [dunkelbunt] ★

-> Spotify
-> Mixcloud
-> Youtube
-> Soundcloud


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New Mix ★ [dunkelbunt] – Electro Swing vs. Balkan Beats ★

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★ AFRICA – The Ultimate Playlist on Spotify by [dunkelbunt] ★

Dive deep into the subsaharan africa! From Nuu Urban Africa to Desert Blues, electrified tribe vibe to good old analog gems.

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[dunkelbunt] Picnic Mixtape

[dunkelbunt] Picnic MixtapePicnic_cover_klein
Free Download ->

„Do not burn the fields of Musashino! My spouse is hidden here in the grasses of spring, and so am I.“

Released: 16th of November 2012 on Poets Club Records.
Also available on CD/VINYL

“Over the last years through my travels around the globe, the Picnic Collection became a faithful companion. After catching the songs and creating my own musical survival package, it is about time to share this beautiful fusion with the world. Many thanks and respect to all the amazing musicians, who wrote this remarkable music.”
Yours, Ulf Lindemann aka mr dunkelbunt

1. Lonely Drifter Karen – Wonderous Ways
2. Meri Lida & Manolis Hiotis – Den Thelo Pia Na Xanarthis (Imam Baildi Remix)
3. Nil Karaibrahimgil – Bencil
4. Oi Va Voi – Ladino Song
5. Noze – Danse Avec Moi (Original)
6. Mad Manoush – Illusionen
7. Skeewiff – Man Of Constant Sorrow (Original Mix)
8. Arthur Lee – Everbody´s Gotta Live
9. Manau – Fest Noz De Paname
10. [dunkelbunt] – Schlawiener (Original Edit)
11. Watcha Clan – Goumari (DJ Click Remix / Picnic Edit)
12. Tremor – Viajante (DJ Delay Dub)
13. Axel Krygier – Princesa
14. Firewater – This Is My Life
15. BaBa Zula – Cecom

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/23248595″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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