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Samurai Trap (bass of asia) selected by [dunkelbunt]

Transglobal district presents
DJ [dunkelbunt] spins Bass Of Asîa (chapter 1)

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Balkan to Bollywood Party, Live Edition, 05.10.2019 @ fluc, Vienna

[dunkelbunt] | Bass Of Asia present:

Balkan to Bollywood Party, Live Edition: [dunkelbunt] + The Super Khan Bros. ft Anuradha Genrich @ fluc (upstairs) Vienna, Saturday, 05.10.2019

[dunkelbunt] | Bass Of Asia present: Balkan to Bollywood Party, Live Edition: [dunkelbunt] + The Super Khan Bros. ft Anuradha Genrich @ fluc (upstairs) Vienna, Saturday, 05.10.2019

The Legendary Transglobal Nightshift

“Balkan to Bollywood”, the [dunkelbunt] club night at “fluc” (Vienna), will start in October with a NEW format: the combination of a live session and a DJ set. On board this time are the Super Khan Bros. from Rajasthan (voc., tabla), the South Indian singer Anuradha Genrich and Ulf [dunkelbunt] Lindemann (keys, electronics).

Background is the upcoming release of the [dunkelbunt] album “Vienna Tapes”, whose tracks like ➸Velavan, ➸Ufos over Bengaluru and ➸Le Ta Jaoji were created in cooperation with the Indian musicians: India meets Trap, Rap & Club-Music and merges the genres into a transglobal organic sound.

“Balkan to Bollywood, Live Edition” is a tribute to the cross-language and cross-cultural power of music, a fusion of DJ and live event, an authentic event close to the production and on the pulse of the musical now.

New [dunkelbunt] Mixes/Selections: 
Bass Of Asia
Bass Of India
Bass Of Balkania 
Bass Of Arabia 

– Ulf [dunkelbunt] Lindemann: DJ, keys, electronics
– Anuradha Genrich: vocals
– Haider Khan: vocals, tabla
– Pintoo Khan:vocals, percussion
+ Additional Act:
DJ Eastenders (Byte.FM/Electronic Germany Podcast)

9 pm: Live Session
11 p.m.: [dunkelbunt] DJ-Set 

Factbox – Balkan to Bollywood, Live Edition – Party
Samstag / Saturday, 05.10.2019
fluc (upstairs)
Praterstern, 1020 Wien
Admission: 8 pm Uhr, Start: 9 pm
9€ < 22h >11€
 Facebook Event
Resident Advisor
➸  volume.at
[dunkelbunt] DJ Mixes


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[dunkelbunt] selects: Bass of India

Genres:#electronic #trap #dance #chill #glitch
#d&b #desi #Bollywood #Asian #underground

The [dunkelbunt] ? ASIA SAGA ? is just about to begin … Here my BASS OF INDIA-Mix with Jaubi & Al Dobson Jr., Deft, Nicolas Pera,Fort Knox FiveNucleya & Anirud RavichanderFakear6Blocc (Official fan page)Axel Thesleff, [dunkelbunt] ft. Anuradha Genrich, [dunkelbunt] ft. Haider Khan & Pintoo Khan GorauThe String Cheese IncidentMint Royale, Mika Singh & Yo Yo Honey SinghSidhu Moose Wala & Byg Byrd, Nucleya & Raftaar & Rashmeet kaur, CurṨe, Ladrão,Desert Dwellers & Mindex, Nucleya, Hugo Kant, [dunkelbunt] & Will MagidTalvin Singh & Niladri Kumar, Mia L., Mika Gao & Lord Pidjeon, Singers of the Art of Living …. 

Enjoy! ?

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[dunkelbunt] selects: Bass of Asia – Out on mixcloud, soundcloud and spotify

 … smooth, storytelling, wide, deep: My latest Mix BASS OF ASIA is OUT NOW on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.
With wonderful tracks by Ganja White NightCloZeeDa Poet and many others.

My Mix ❀ “Bass of Asîa” ❀ is inspired by my productions VELAVAN and UFOS OVER BENGALURU using Chinese instruments, Indian melodies and Tamil language. Over the last months I’ve been digging for Electronic Asian Bass Music and created this collection of beautiful music. – I’m fascinated by the melodic values of these tunes, by their organic mood, and: By their GRACE.


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[dunkelbunt] selects: A Transglobal Dish

A Spicy Transglobal DJ Selection. This playlist contains many tunes I spun during the last decade during my shows around the globe… Invite your friends or colleges hit the shuffle knob and call it a day! This list is updated constantly with new pearls!

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New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.

([dunkelbunt], Chicos y Mendez, Flavia Coelho, Jesse James, Innov Gnawa, AkizzBeatzz, IHF, CloZee, Al’Tarba, Senbei, Sarkodie, Akan)



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New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.

>>> dunkelbunt, Fakear, Defunk, The String Cheese Incident, Cid Rim, Lylit, Sarkodie, Akan, Caravan Palace, Mothra <<<


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New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] 20.02.19 @ spotify.

(The Bamboos, Cheb i Sabbah, Deka Dova, Mothra, Blonde Redhead, Khruangbin, Jacob Groening, Chiemi Eri, Christopher Schwarzwälder, IHF, Herzeloyde)

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New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.

(Joey B. Sarkodie, High Tone / Ondubground, Fort Knox Five, [dunkelbunt], Shazalakazoo, Wax Tailor/G. Bonson, Emancipator, Umoja, Lisa Cantabile, Mindex)



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dunkelbunt, dunkelbunt selects, weekly mix, spotify

New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.

([dunkelbunt], Castaways, Whysp, Player Dave, Sinjin Hawke, Dayzero, Teebee, Ed Rush, Mindscape)



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[dunkelbunt selects] ★ Weekly Mix, 09.01.19

Oum, Riff Cohen, Altin Gün, Hasan Yilmaz, Reda Taliani, Boohmi Trivedi, Balquees, Nickodemus, Carol C., The Spy from Cairo, dunkelbunt, mix, weekly, selects, spotify

New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.

(Oum, Riff Cohen, Altin Gün, Hasan Yilmaz, Reda Taliani, Boohmi Trivedi, Balquees, Nickodemus, Carol C., The Spy from Cairo, dunkelbunt)

Hope you like it!



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  New: The Weekly Mix aka [dunkelbunt selects] @ spotify.
At the turn of the year I present some tracks of my own.

Hope you like it!



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Thanx to all for this amazing year! (spotify stats)

dunkelbunt, spotify, stats, 2018, Ulf Lindemann

Übrigens: Mittwochs gibt es jeweils meine wöchentlich Top 10-Playlist:

[dunkelbunt] Selects!




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★ AFRICA – The Ultimate Playlist on Spotify by [dunkelbunt] ★

Dive deep into the subsaharan africa! From Nuu Urban Africa to Desert Blues, electrified tribe vibe to good old analog gems.

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★ [dunkelbunt] selects, 23.05.2016 ★

★ ★ ELECTRO SWING – [dunkelbunt] DJ Mix ★ ★



A coffee with [dunkelbunt]


STREAM on Spotify | Deezer


merges the diverse sounds of Europes “Wild East” with Bluegrass and Hillbilly from the American pioneers of the old “Wild West”. Sounds of the world mixed with electronic, modern club music and bass heavy beats.

[dunkelbunt]’s new album “Mountain Jumper” is an echo of his travels and also a very personal epic journey which along with the music paints various pictures/landscapes. “Electronic music is the foundation which the sounds of the world sit upon. I’m facinated with creating a relationship between sounds that no one has ever heard. There are components from a wide variety of music styles and experiences from my life travels. The natural sounds I recorded while in Hawaii or in Spain together with the musical memories from my time as a Boy Scout traveling in Ireland and Sweden.”

[dunkelbunt] takes the diverse sounds of various local cultures and mixes them with electronic, modern club sounds and bass beats. “I’m inspired by the fact that so many people with different backgrounds all came together on one continent in such a short period of time. It’s an amazing musical melting pot, the land of unlimited musical possibilities. I have toyed with the idea of using bluegrass, hillbilly and country styles in my music for years thus giving it a more global and electronic context.“

EGAL (official video)

[dunkelbunt] Live In Concert (Gasometer Vienna)

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[dunkelbunt] Picnic Mixtape

[dunkelbunt] Picnic MixtapePicnic_cover_klein
Free Download ->

„Do not burn the fields of Musashino! My spouse is hidden here in the grasses of spring, and so am I.“

Released: 16th of November 2012 on Poets Club Records.
Also available on CD/VINYL

“Over the last years through my travels around the globe, the Picnic Collection became a faithful companion. After catching the songs and creating my own musical survival package, it is about time to share this beautiful fusion with the world. Many thanks and respect to all the amazing musicians, who wrote this remarkable music.”
Yours, Ulf Lindemann aka mr dunkelbunt

1. Lonely Drifter Karen – Wonderous Ways
2. Meri Lida & Manolis Hiotis – Den Thelo Pia Na Xanarthis (Imam Baildi Remix)
3. Nil Karaibrahimgil – Bencil
4. Oi Va Voi – Ladino Song
5. Noze – Danse Avec Moi (Original)
6. Mad Manoush – Illusionen
7. Skeewiff – Man Of Constant Sorrow (Original Mix)
8. Arthur Lee – Everbody´s Gotta Live
9. Manau – Fest Noz De Paname
10. [dunkelbunt] – Schlawiener (Original Edit)
11. Watcha Clan – Goumari (DJ Click Remix / Picnic Edit)
12. Tremor – Viajante (DJ Delay Dub)
13. Axel Krygier – Princesa
14. Firewater – This Is My Life
15. BaBa Zula – Cecom

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/23248595″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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