In a certain way cooking and composing seems to be something very similar to me. Basically I simply use different ingredients: herbs or instruments, sounds or colors, taste, smell, or look. It all comes down to the search for an harmonious whole. Nuances will come with the seasoning. Food is for both – the body and the soul.

HARISSA á la [dunkelbunt]


I´m spending a lot of time in my kitchen to compose, roast, crush and mix many different spices together and pep up high quality olive oil with herbs. Over the years, I improved my recipes for tasty home-made spice blends such as Liquid Lava, Grelle Forelle, Harissa, Chimi Churi, Smokey Almond Salt, Uncle Duncle´s Rose Pepper, Coffee Spice, Kashmiri Krush, Marrakesh Magic, Picnic Melange…


If you want to know more about my “World of Herbs”, ingredients, where to buy, etc. please send me an e-mail: office(at)dunkelbunt(dot)org.