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20 Years of [dunkelbunt] / Balkan to Bollywood Edition – 2019-11-15 @ Fanialive, Vienna

20 Years of [dunkelbunt] - Balkan to Bollywood Edition

[dunkelbunt] presents:
20 Years of [dunkelbunt] – Balkan to Bollywood Edition
Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 @ FaniaLive, Vienna

– – The Legendary Transglobal Nightshift – –

Mr Dunkelbunt and his explosive musical sound factory of downright threatening danceability treat themselves to the 20th anniversary of a monthly takeover in Fanialive: with contemporary sounds such as Bass Of Asia, Bollywood Trap and Oriental Bass, with live sessions and with international guest DJs.

Balkan to Bollywood”, the traditional [dunkelbunt] Club Night, will now be conquering the Fanialive with its NEW format, the combination of a live session and a DJ party. On board this time is the Indian Singer Anuradha Genrich, the singer and percussionist Haider Khan from Rajasthan, the percussionist and singer Redouan Bariane from Morocco, the violinist Aliosha Biz (Dobrek Bistro), DJ Woxow (Theo Medoly) plus Mr Dunkelbunt aka Ulf Lindemann (keys, electronics).

20 Years of [dunkelbunt], Facts & Figures: 
– Founded 1999 (Hamburg)
100M+ Streams (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc.)
30K+ Sold Albums (Vinyl, CD, digital)
1.500+ Gigs (worldwide)

– Mr Dunkelbunt: keys, electronics / DJ
– Anuradha Genrich: vocals
– Haider Khan: vocals, tabla
– Redouan Bariane: vocals, percussion
+ Special Guests: Aliosha Biz (violin), DJ Woxow, Pintoo Khan, Alix oder Nix

➸ 8 p.m. Doors Open & Welcome Drink
➸ 8 p.m. Bass Of Asia Warm Up DJ-Set
➸ 9 p.m. Concert: Mr Dunkelbunt & Guests
➸ 11 p.m. Woxow (Italy) DJ-Set
➸ 12 p.m. – 3 a.m. [dunkelbunt] DJ-Set (around the globe)

Factbox20 Years of [dunkelbunt] – Balkan to Bollywood Edition
Friday, 15.11.2019
U-Bahn Bogen Gürtellinie 22-23, 1080 Wien
Doors: 8 pm – Concert: 9 pm – Party: 11 pm
Admission: 15€
Pre-Sale: 12€ (plus Bonus-Download der EP “Vienna Tapes”)
Pre-Sale Link: http://bit.ly/FL_presale
Facebook Event
New Release: Vienna Tapes
Current [dunkelbunt] Mixes/Selections


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[dunkelbunt] @ Wörld Weit Festival, 19.10.2019, Zell a. d. Pram

Act WW Dunkelbunt

[dunkelbunt] + The Super Khan Bros. ft. Anuradha Genrich LIVE + DJ-Act:

Saturday, September 19, 2019 @ Wörld Weit Balkan Festival, Schloß Zell an der Pram, Austria

Facebook Event

The Wörld Weit Balkan Festival owes its existence to the cooperation of Eine Welt Kreis and Kraut und Ruam. – We’re happy to join and hope you’ll be with us!



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Out now: Vienna Tapes (EP)

Title: VIENNA TAPES (Exodus Complex)[dunkelbunt] Vienna Tapes Album Cover B © [dunkelbunt] 2019
Artist: [dunkelbunt]
Release Date: 2019-09-20
Label: [dunkelbunt records]
Labelcode: LC43551
Cat. No.: DBR32
UPC: 3616401103300
Duration: 00:46:39
Music: Ulf Lindemann
Producer: Ulf Lindemann
Publisher: Magan Music Publishing
Format: Digital / EP

All platforms

Genre: Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Deep House, Reggae, Trap
Tags: #electronic #world #transglobal #multilingual #dance #club #chill

Tracklist – All songs & tracks by [dunkelbunt] –
Volume 1
1. Weit Weg ft. Alix Oder Nix (02:16)
2. L’amour fidèle ft. Kadero Rai (03:45)
3. Mia Kwa Mia ft. Cloud Tissa, Barbara Tavernier (03:10)
4. Viens Avec Moi ft. Lisa Cantabile, Kadero Rai (04.02)
5. Le Ta Jaoji ft. Pintoo & Haider Khan (02:39)
6. Velavan ft. Anuradha Genrich (03:23)
7. Wish ft. Alix Oder Nix, Mela Marie Spaemann, Will Magid, Paul Bertin (03:51)
8. Space Walker (02:35)

Volume 2
1. Weit Weg, instrumental (02:16)
2. L’amour fidèle, instrumental (03:45)
3. Mia Kwa Mia, instrumental (03:10)
4. Viens Avec Moi, instrumental (05:15)
5. Velavan, instrumental (03:02)
6. Wish ft. Will Magid & Paul Bertin, instrumental (03:51)


The EP “Vienna Tapes” brings together eight selected [dunkelbunt] tracks and their instrumental versions from the years 2015-2019. It is the album of my mental and musical awakening in the realms of the Near – and increasingly – Far East: The journey takes off from the Balkans (Wish) to the Maghreb (Viens Avec Moi, L’Amour fidèle) and Kenya (Mia Kwa Mia) to the Arab Middle East (Space Walker) and then ultimately to India (Le Ta Jaoji, Velavan).

I am drawn ever more into the vortex of these musical worlds, and with the album release of “Vienna Tapes” I cast the first stone into a raging stream, which I am calling the “Exodus Complex”.

Alix Oder Nix’s “Weit Weg” (Far Away) is the slogan and the motif of my new production, which got a kick-start with “Wish” during the refugee crisis of 2015/16. Apart from a conducive partnership with the American West Coast musician Will Magid (Balkan Bump), the “Vienna Tapes” draw substantially from the pool of international and globally active musicians in Vienna: Alix Oder Nix, the Berlin MC, a lyrical and performative matador; South Indian singer Anuradha Genrich and jazz singer / songwriters Lisa Cantabile and Mela Marie Spaemann; the rapper Cloud Tissa from Kenya and the Moroccan Raï singer Kadero Rai; finally the Rajasthan-born brothers Haider and Pintoo Khan as brilliant singers and percussionists … –

[dunkelbunt] aka Ulf Lindemann is a producer, DJ and bandleader. Born 1979 in Hamburg and living in Vienna since 2001. He has a degree in Piano and Keyboard Instruments at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. His international breakthrough came with the Balkan-Hip-Hop single „The Chocolate Butterfly“ ft. Raf Camora (2003) and the Electro Swing follow up hit „Cinnamon Girl“ (2007). The album „Mountain Jumper“ (2015) was awarded the ORF „Album of the Year 2015“. [dunkelbunt] + Band is a internationally successful live act.



Die EP “Vienna Tapes” versammelt acht ausgewählte [dunkelbunt]-Tracks und deren Instrumental-Versionen aus den Jahren 2015-2019. Es ist das Album meines mentalen und musikalischen Aufbruchs in den nahen und den zunehmend fernen Oste: Die Reise geht dabei vom Balkan (Wish) über den Maghreb (Viens Avec Moi, L’Amour fidèle) und Kenia (Mia Kwa Mia) in den arabischen Nahen Osten (Space Walker) und dann nach Indien (Le Ta Jaoji, Velavan). –

Es zieht mich immer stärker in den Wirbel dieser Musikwelten und Welt-Musiken hinein und ich werfe mit der Album-Release von “Vienna Tapes” den ersten Stein in einen rasanten Fluss, den ich insgesamt als “Exodus Complex” bezeichne.

Alix Oder Nix’ “Weit Weg” benennt das Motto und Motiv meines neuen Produzierens, das während der Flüchtlingskrise 2015/16 mit “Wish” begann. Abgesehen von den fruchtbaren Kooperation mit dem amerikanischen Westcoast-Musiker Will Magid (Balkan Bump), schöpfen die “Vienna Tapes” wesentlich aus dem Pool internationaler und weltweit tätiger MusikerInnen in Wien: Alix Oder Nix, der Berliner MC als textlicher und performativer Prachtkerl; die südindische Sängerin Anuradha Genrich sowie die Jazz-Singer-Songwriterinnen Lisa Cantabile und Mela Marie Spaemann; der Rapper Cloud Tissa aus Kenia und der marokkanische Raï -Sänger Kadero Rai; schließlich die aus Rajasthan stammenden Brüder Haider und Pintoo Khan als fulminante Sänger und Percussionisten …  –
[dunkelbunt] aka Ulf Lindemann ist Producer, DJ und Bandleader. Geboren 1979 in Hamburg, lebt seit 2001 in Wien. Studium für Klavier & Tasteninstrumente an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien. Dem internationalen Durchbruch mit der Balkan-Hip Hop Produktion “The Chocolate Butterfly” ft. Raf Camora (2003) folgte der Electro Swing-Hit “Cinnamon Girl” (2007). Das Album “Mountain Jumper” (2015) wurde zum “Album des Jahres 2015” gekürt (ORF). [dunkelbunt] + Band ist ein weltweit gebuchter Live-Act.



Anuradha Genrich, Kadero Rai, Lisa Cantabile, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Boban Markovic Orkestar, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Waldeck, Harri Stojka, Otto Lechner, Balkan Beat Box, 17 Hippies, Raf Camora, The Cat Empire, A-WA, Chancha Via Circuito, Sara Lugo.


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Balkan to Bollywood Party, Live Edition, 05.10.2019 @ fluc, Vienna

[dunkelbunt] | Bass Of Asia present:

Balkan to Bollywood Party, Live Edition: [dunkelbunt] + The Super Khan Bros. ft Anuradha Genrich @ fluc (upstairs) Vienna, Saturday, 05.10.2019

[dunkelbunt] | Bass Of Asia present: Balkan to Bollywood Party, Live Edition: [dunkelbunt] + The Super Khan Bros. ft Anuradha Genrich @ fluc (upstairs) Vienna, Saturday, 05.10.2019

The Legendary Transglobal Nightshift

“Balkan to Bollywood”, the [dunkelbunt] club night at “fluc” (Vienna), will start in October with a NEW format: the combination of a live session and a DJ set. On board this time are the Super Khan Bros. from Rajasthan (voc., tabla), the South Indian singer Anuradha Genrich and Ulf [dunkelbunt] Lindemann (keys, electronics).

Background is the upcoming release of the [dunkelbunt] album “Vienna Tapes”, whose tracks like ➸Velavan, ➸Ufos over Bengaluru and ➸Le Ta Jaoji were created in cooperation with the Indian musicians: India meets Trap, Rap & Club-Music and merges the genres into a transglobal organic sound.

“Balkan to Bollywood, Live Edition” is a tribute to the cross-language and cross-cultural power of music, a fusion of DJ and live event, an authentic event close to the production and on the pulse of the musical now.

New [dunkelbunt] Mixes/Selections: 
Bass Of Asia
Bass Of India
Bass Of Balkania 
Bass Of Arabia 

– Ulf [dunkelbunt] Lindemann: DJ, keys, electronics
– Anuradha Genrich: vocals
– Haider Khan: vocals, tabla
– Pintoo Khan:vocals, percussion
+ Additional Act:
DJ Eastenders (Byte.FM/Electronic Germany Podcast)

9 pm: Live Session
11 p.m.: [dunkelbunt] DJ-Set 

Factbox – Balkan to Bollywood, Live Edition – Party
Samstag / Saturday, 05.10.2019
fluc (upstairs)
Praterstern, 1020 Wien
Admission: 8 pm Uhr, Start: 9 pm
9€ < 22h >11€
 Facebook Event
Resident Advisor
➸  volume.at
[dunkelbunt] DJ Mixes


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[dunkelbunt] Allstars: Kraftfeld in Bewegung

Soulmates on stage ….

[dunkelbunt] Allstars (St. Pölten, May 3rd 2019) © [dunkelbunt]

Besetzung St. Pölten, 3. Mai 2019.

Florian Tavernier
Salaheddine Najah
Christiane Beinl
Alix (Alexander Leuschner)
Alexander Wladigeroff
Anuradha Genrich
Ulf Lindemann
Haider Khan
Aliosha Biz
Pintoo Khan

[dunkelbunt] + Band ist ein Kosmos, ein Kraftfeld vielfältiger Konstellationen.
[dunkelbunt] + Band ist dies: Energie und Bewegung.



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“Velavan“ ft. Anuradha Genrich – Studio-Video


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🔥“Velavan“ ft. Anuradha Genrich 🔥 Out Now! Link In Bio! VELAVAN is another step in [dunkelbunt]s transglobal musical agenda taken from the upcoming 3 EP release EXODUS KOMPLEX. Reggae goes to India and then meets China, featuring the Indian Singer Anuradha Genrich: fusion-confusion, spicy and deep. > Spotify: http://bit.ly/VELAVAN-Radio-Edit > All Platforms: http://bit.ly/VELAVAN-player . . . #velavan #reggae #china #india #erhu #pipa #transglobal #dunkelbunt #tamil #bengaluru #carnatic #deep #spicy #silkroad #vienna #electronics #dreamy #downtempo #relaxed #magic #spotify #outnow #itunes #bandcamp #youtube #listennow #checkthisout #exoduskomplex #dancehall

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In my studio with Anuradha Genrich …


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