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[dunkelbunt] selects: Bass of Asia – Out on mixcloud, soundcloud and spotify

 … smooth, storytelling, wide, deep: My latest Mix BASS OF ASIA is OUT NOW on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.
With wonderful tracks by Ganja White NightCloZeeDa Poet and many others.

My Mix ❀ “Bass of Asîa” ❀ is inspired by my productions VELAVAN and UFOS OVER BENGALURU using Chinese instruments, Indian melodies and Tamil language. Over the last months I’ve been digging for Electronic Asian Bass Music and created this collection of beautiful music. – I’m fascinated by the melodic values of these tunes, by their organic mood, and: By their GRACE.


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[dunkelbunt] selects: Exodus Trap – Future World Bass Music

[dunkelbunt] selects: Exodus Trap – Future World Bass Music (Electronic 808, Africa Asia Oriental Balkan Arabia India China)

Coming up in Beauty! – With Tracks by TroyBoi, APE + LOCO-HOT, Axel Thesleff, IHF, Ganja White Night, [dunkelbunt], Lofimaker, CloZee, BOOT & TZR, Jason You & Yider ] Jai Tee, Fakear & Pouvoir Magique, Acid Arab & A-WA, Eastern Odyssey, Innovative Gnawa & AkizzBeatzz, Ammar 808 & Mehdi Nassouli, Plantrae & Mumukshu, David Starfire, Sukh Knight, Desert Dwellers & Mindex, Ladrão, Żwirek, LM3ALLEM, and many more.


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