Cinnamon Girl

[All Versions-EP]

Title: Cinnamon Girl [All Versions-EP]Cinnamon Girl Cover
Artist: [dunkelbunt] ft. Boban i Marko-vic Orkestar
Label: [dunkelbunt records] LC 43551
: 21.03.2019


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Genre: #ElectroSwing #BalkanBeats #Jazz #Swing #GypsyBrass
Tags: #song #fourtothefloor #trumpet #gucabrass #swing #chorus #dance #evergreen #honeybee

All edits by [dunkelbunt]

1.  Cinnamon Girl (original) 04:01
2.  Cinnamon Girl (sun dub edit) 05:36
3.  Cinnamon Girl (roskilde edit) 05:51
4.  Cinnamon Girl (on speed edit) 04:49
5.  Cinnamon Girl (club edit) 05:53
6.  Cinnamon Girl (instrumental edit) 06:15

Release text / English
Cinnamon Girl, together with its creator [dunkelbunt], is regarded as the trendsetter of the early ElectroSwing and the New Swing / Lindy Hop movement. The title became an E-Swing classic and is still one of the most successful and popular songs by [dunkelbunt].

Ulf Lindemann composed “Cinnamon Girl” during a [dunkelbunt] tour in Australia (Winter 2007/2008). The text was created from fragments of the correspondence between him and his wife, the violinist and vocalist Barbara Tavernier (aka “The Cinnamon Girl”). The first recordings were made during the trip i.a. in Brian May’s aka DJ Delay Beam Up Studios in Brunswick, Melbourne and Perth. Last but not least, it is the musical esprit and the distinctive brass sections of the Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar that lend the track a happy-anarchic touch of Guča and Gypsy Brass.

Pressetext / Deutsch
Cinnamon Girl gilt gemeinsam mit seinem Schöpfer [dunkelbunt] als Trendsetter des frühen ElectroSwing sowie der New Swing-/ Lindy Hop-Bewegung. Der Titel avancierte zu einem E-Swing Klassiker und ist bis heute einer der erfolgreichsten und populärsten Songs von [dunkelbunt].

Ulf Lindemann komponierte “Cinnamon Girl” während einer[dunkelbunt]-Tour in Australien (Winter 2007/2008). Der Text entstand aus Fragmenten des damaligen Briefwechsels zwischen ihm und seiner Frau, der Geigerin und Vokalistin Barbara Tavernier (aka “The Cinnamon Girl”). Die ersten Aufnahmen entstehen während der Reise u.a. in Brian May’s aka DJ Delay Beam Up Studio in Brunswick (Melbourne) sowie in Perth. Nicht zuletzt sind es der musikalische Esprit und die charakteristischen Bläsersätze des Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar, die dem Track einen fröhlich-anarchischen Hauch von Guča und Gypsy Brass verleihen.


Lineup (VÖ) Lineup (Video)
Ulf Lindemann: Vocals, Piano, Programming
Barbara Tavernier: Vocals, Violin
Aleksandar Stoijc: Guitar
Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar: Brass
Willibald Rosner: Bass
Clemens Hofer: Trombone
Ulf Lindemann: Vocals, Piano, Programming
Florian Tavernier: Vocals, Guitar
Christiane Beinl: Vocals
Alexander Leuschner: Vocals
Alexander Wladigeroff: Trumpet
Hidan Mamudov: Clarinet
Willibald Rosner: Bass


[dunkelbunt] aka Ulf Lindemann is a producer, DJ and bandleader. Born 1979 in Hamburg and living in Vienna since 2001. He has a degree in Piano and Keyboard Instruments at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. His international breakthrough came with the Balkan-Hip-Hop single „The Chocolate Butterfly“ ft. Raf Camora (2006) and the Electro Swing follow up hit „Cinnamon Girl“ (2007). The album „Mountain Jumper“ (2015) was awarded the ORF „Album of the Year 2015“. [dunkelbunt] + Band is a internationally successful live act in the genres „World“, „Transglobal Club Music“, „Dub“, „Balkan Beats“ and „Electro Swing“.
Raf Camora, Anuradha Genrich, Kadero Rai, Lisa Cantabile, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Boban Markovic Orkestar, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Waldeck, Harri Stojka, Otto Lechner, Balkan Beat Box, 17 Hippies, The Cat Empire, A-WA, Chancha Via Circuito and Sara Lugo.